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We have been offering you a global electricity service for over 25 years. We design, create, assemble and take care of your electrical installation, whether it be low- or high-voltage, as well as its automatization and control.

The expertise of EIG Integral is reflected in the trust of our clients and the quality of our service. Counting on our own engineering, we commit to each individual project all the needed resources and experience in order to transform an idea into a reality, comprehensive and customized solutions, by developping and adapting to the required needs.

Gaining their trust is our guarantee, hence why the client becomes our first priority. We count on our expert and multidisciplinary team (highly qualified with proven experience), which will listen to you and guide you to manage and implement fully comprehensive solutions for the project specificities.

Our task is present in the industrial activities, renewable energies, as well as in all kinds of infrastructures. We participate in international markets, reaffirming our global glance.

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We are a family-owned business founded in 1994 in Les Franqueses del Vallès, initially dedicated to low- and medium-voltage installations, as well as the assembly of electrical cabinets of power, distribution and automation.

Only three years latter, in late 1996, we moved onto a unit in the industrial site of Can Castells (Canovelles), with larger and more appropriate facilities for the growth of the activity.


Only in 2018, thanks to the company’s growth and the incorporation of new business areas (climate control, renewable energies, energy efficiency, etc.) did we decide to move onto the industrial site of Congost, in Les Franqueses del Vallès.

Our facilities have a machine shop and warehouse of over 900 meters, as well as 450 meters of technical and administrative office. All to provide a better service and be successful in all challenges that are yet to come.

We have been offering a quality service for over 25 years.

Innovation, commitment and professionalism


We wish to make a contribution to economic and technological progress, as well as the sustainable development of the industries we work on. 

Our top concern is to offer our clients a comprehensive and professional service based upon full quality. In order to do so, we count on the priceless value of our staff, as well as the diversification and our company’s constant growth.

EIG Integral offers a global image which not only stands out with our presence in the five continents, but we also demonstrate it in our daily work, which we have been doing for over 25 years.


A long way and journey that still motivates us to satisfy each and every of our clients’ needs, thus obtaining their trust.

We offer our clients the best solution.



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